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Hey guys, I just wanted to share something I've just experienced.

I have 2 best friends. Both with their share of problems. One has constant female conflicts, and the other one i've been talking to for the past hour and a half because he feels like crap.


He owes me and our other friend lots of money. He owes me $500, and my othe friend $250.. just from added expenses over the past year.


He explained to me tonight that he feels like garbage that he can't pay it back even after so long, and is upset because his marks are low too. He's not the most intelligent guy, but he's a very kind, nice, and caring individual.


If you know alfalfa from Little Rascals.. picture the 17 year old version of him


Anyways, I've been talking to him and pretty much helping him out with all of his sorrow, and it's made me realize, why can I dish out such soothing heart felt comfort, yet I come to ask for stupid help for my own stupid relationship problems. He has an ex gf too, they've broken up 4 times and I told him tonight.


"My dad never once mentioned to me one of his high school sweethearts, you know why? because she didn't impact his life enough comparing to the family and wonderful career he has now."


It OPENED MY EYES!! Why do I make myself feel so glum about a single girl, when I should be focused on my future where things actually matter more. I realize that my teenage years are learning experience, for THE FUTURE. When i'm an adult, and live for myself.


Where the women are mature, and spend time with you to sort out problems instead of playing mind games which leave you guessing.


I'm glad I have him as a friend, it shows me how well i've maintained my life. I noticed I'm quite confident with myself and my personal abilities compared to my peers. I feel this is because I have interpreted my social experiences the correct way, and have learned from them.


It seems the best advice we can get.. is from ourselves. We have knowledge inside of us, we just need a good friend for inspiration to bring it out.


Thanks for reading.

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Just know there IS someone out there for all of us.. don't settle with someone you're not happy with or who treats you innappropriatley. It's not worth causing a fuss over.


The more time you spend trying to fix your relationship with someone, the less time you have experiencing a fantastic life with someone who will cause no issues to be fixed in the first place.

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