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er... embrassing question...

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Well if you're kissing someone who's more experienced, I'd say follow their lead. People generally like to be kissed the way they kiss.


If you don't know, or they aren't experienced, I'd say just start slowly. Don't open your mouth too wide, don't use too much tongue. Just tease with your tongue a little, and then when you get more into it, find a rhythm.


Most importantly, just be in the moment. Don't think about it too much. Just enjoy yourself! I was terrified my first kiss would be awful, but it was fine. He didn't even know it was my first kiss and I knew absolutely nothing!

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The guide to kissing. In particular, you want this part:


French Kissing is the more erotic style of open mouthed kissing. It is in essense kissing that brings to mind parts of the full sex act, so thereforeeee is very arousing because of the mental images it causes. Either the guy or girl can do this. First, take your tongue and make slow, gentle circles around your partner's tongue. Go slowly at first, then more and more quickly. Then plunge your tongue down along your partner's tongue, sliding down it until your tongue is fully extended. Do that one or two times, then slowly slide your tongue back out and start with the gentle circling again.


Of course, once you get over the initial nervousness, you won't need a guide. It will come naturally. Just do what feels good. Don't think about it, go with your heart.

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Well i think i can help you with that. The real answer to your question is to do whatever feels good and satisfying. Dont be afraid to try new things. you might make some mistakes the first time, but thats a good thing. next time around you will be determined to do it right and out come will be all the more beneficial for you and your partner. there is nothing more excited about a woman down to get a little dirty. I Ganrauntee It!

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