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Best friend !!! HELP A.S.A.P

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what does it mean when your walking with ur bff and the guy you LOVE totally ignores you..and put his hands on HER shoulders and is like "heyy whats uppp to HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause thats what the dude i like did..he knows i like him.. hes told me he likes me..my bff knows me and him like eachother..and she was all "omg he touched my boob outside before when he hugged me OMG" what the hell ....... and then i was just looking at her like * * * MAN! and she was like "but dont worry cause i pushed him on the ice..and then he like FELL ON ME OMG AND IT LOOKED SO WRONG " if you guys heard the way she said it .. its like shes TRYING to make me jealous or something i dont think shes a good best friend couple of days ive missed school and ive been asking my friends about his behavior when im gone and hes all mad .. or grumpy.. and whenever im AT SCHOOL hes all happpppy a little TOO happy i find. help..does he like my best friend!?!?!

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Here's a clue...


Pick up the phone. And call him. And ask him!!!


(I would do the same. But I... can not. Long story. I'm only afforded barbaric smoke signals and homing pigeons.. lol )


Call him.. and talk to him. Does he like you... you like him... whats it all mean??? what about so and so... do you like her instead.... yadda yadda..


that kind of deal.


GO TO SCHOOL WILL YA!!! geeeze for heavens sake.. your missing out out on some great learning there !!! you do know which is the sexiest part on a womans body?????




And how are you gonna feed your brain... if your like.. sitting at home like and calling your friends to pump them for info.


Besides... by staying home you are only hurting yourself. Your missing some really good face time with your heart throb.


Or possibly other heart throbs to be !!!!

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