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Does she want to be friends or more?

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I have known this particular girl for about 8 years and we have always been fairly friendly. A bit of history, she has managed to split up a couple of my previous relationships, not quite sure how and when we used to go to school she was kinda flirty, although in kind of a strange way, however she has grown up a lot since then.


Anyway, I now work a fair distance from her, I hoped that this would let me move on, but I still have really deep feelings for her and it tears me up inside that we are not together, when I know that I could make her really happy. Recently she sent a text asking if I wanted to meet up next time I was in town, I said sure, and we have been messaging quite frequently since then.


Here's the big question, I think she likes me, but I am not totally sure if its a love thing or a friend thing? Can anyone shead some light onto the female mind for me? Many Thanks!!

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Well its certainly seems that there is a strong connection between the both of you that not even distance can break. Now you guys are gonna meet up and I would say this is your chance face to face tell her how you really feel about her chances are you might be surprised but if things dont go yourway at least you will feel some relief from letting your feelings out. Good luck and let me know what happens.

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