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Someone should've warned the honeybees


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The clock strikes sometime in March

17th I think

I wont remember much

The sun went so far beneath the trees with me

Hide and seek

There was a girl in the woods

You went in to look for her

What caught her I'll guess I'll never know

Girl came out a woman


Tick tock midsummer clock

I laugh through paxil

You could charm the flowers to smell so pretty for you and you alone

Bees seemed to flock round you

Honey dripping off your tongue

But only you didn't

You charmed her instead


Summer sun turns cold

Oh, tick tock.

I didn't try

To stop

Please slow down

Watch the time flitter flutter fly

You stared right into her

Could speak softy, could you?

She didn't want you

She became you

Maybe she truly did want it


I wanted to keep those love letters

Poured over them for says on end

I bet

She wept

I wonder

Now whenever I look at her

My eyes stop

Everything stops

Lower your eyes girl

I wont let him charm me again

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