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A Question about Male Masturbation

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I recently read a thread and someone posted a website called ... I checked it out and it had all sorts of information for male and female use. The website had something about masturbating face-down, and how it was a bad idea. They said it can affect our sexual abilities down the road, cause all sorts of problems, and that not many people do it. They strongly recommended that people who practice this on a regular basis to switch their habits, and do it like everybody else does...lying face up using your hand. What's your thoughts on the matter?

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There are many different ways to masturbate, unless there was a medical reason why you shouldnt masturbate laying face down then I dont know how valid their claim would be. Its hard to judge the credibility of this information from one website. Do more research and see what you come up with.

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Why is there nothing about your qualifications on this site? I am a scholar at a major research university (in a field unrelated to sexuality), and there is a question whether this web site would fall under the jurisdiction of their policies on use of human subjects in research and other matters if I identified myself with my affiliation to the university on the site.


That is not surprizing.


The graphs show no numbers. How many people were involved?

There is a huge difference between 10 people and 1000 people being studied.


I do not think the article has anything of substance.

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