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Is he shy or being a jerk?


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The guy who I am pretty sure likes me but is really shy around me found out that i was going to vermont. He asked me to bring him back some maple syrup which is the first time he has ever asked me to bring him anything so i thought it was his way of makng an opening to come over and eventually ask me out..except when i came back a week later with his maple syrup, it took him 10 days to come and get it. We live near each other and he has a car and he is the most responsible bordering on anal guy i know so its not like he forgot. What happened? Interpreattions please. BTW, by the time he came to pick it up i was so dissaponited and angry i pretty much threw the syrup at him therby not really portraying any interest in geeting closer to him.

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I can tell you now that it took this guy a sh*tload of courage to go and pick that syrup up, and it took him 10 days to build that courage up. To be honest, I think that getting angry with him was the worst thing you could do... See you said it you yourself he's shy around you. The fact that he asked you to bring him something back was an obvious sign that he likes you and you should be pleased that he came around at all... I wouldnt go up to him and make a direct formal appology then walk away, I'd use it as an excuse to talk to him. You want him to ask you out.. Have you ever cosidered asking HIM out?


If I were you Id go up to him at some point and start a convo like...: "Hey, sorry for being angry the other day, I didnt mean to scare you/hurt you/etc... I was just stressed cos of my workload/other random excuse... Let me make it up to you, want to catch a movie sometime?"


Go for it! =P Let me know how it goes!

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it was his first move to you - not like he's been playing around with you. If he just wanted syrup, he would have wanted it very much to make him to ask a random person to bring it to him, in which case he would have probably come and get it as soon as possible. So I'd say he had some other reason to ask you for that stuff.... and you again kinda blew him off. Talk to him!

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