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Dizzy when i exercise

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hi i was wondering if any 1 cud give me some advice, when i exercise or sometimes ever just walking up stairs i get dizzy and my heart starts beating pretty fast which obviously concerns me and also i very rearly sweat even when doing an intense workout not sure if there could be something wrong with my pores?


any advice appreciated thanks Rob

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Well, if you do sweat that is good. Some people have a disease where they do not sweat at all which is deadly at some point.


However, if you are that is fine. Remember not all people sweat to same degree, and most of it evaporates too. But you could also be dehydrated which is not good, as your body overheats when you don't sweat. As you get in better health shape, your body often sweats MORE as it is more efficient at cooling itself.


For one, you should consult your doctor to rule out any abnormal heart rythym's or conditions. So I do advise no matter what you read here you consult a doctor to make sure you are in good health first of all.


Second, can I ask what your fitness level is? When you are fairly sedentary, and your heart is not used to high exertion, dizziness is normal, and it is why you should take things slowly.


When you are pushing to high exertion, your heart WILL beat fast as it is trying to deliver more oxygen through your body. What is a problem is when it gets out of control, or cannot go back to normal within a reasonable amount of time.


Also, are you eating healthy and well hydrated? These can also be factors.

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If your diet and fitness level is good then you should definitely see a doctor. They will probably run a few tests: bloodwork, EKG, stress test- and they can tell you exactly what's going on.


In the mean time- take it easy. Stay active- but you might want to lower the intensity of the exercise that you're currently doing.




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"Many people have related runner's high to the feeling of an orgasm" Lol very interesting. Though i dont actually find it pleasurable in any way its makes me out of breathe and surely it cant be the same thing cause i get dizzy just from walking up stairs at times


But hey thats quiet an interesting article! thanks

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