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my gf gets mad cause i'm always on the computer


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for 6 hours??!! no wonder she feels you're ignoring her - you ARE!! do you honestly expect her to hang around fro 6hrs while you play yr games? either decide you want to play your games online or decide to see her, you can't do both. if you see yr gf, then she deserves yr full, undivided attention. if you can't give her that b/c you'd rather be online, then don't be surprised when she complains - or leaves you for someone who makes her feel more important!!


you need to to get yr priorities straight... (PS it doesn't sound like you're all that into her buddy - how can you keep yr hands off her for 2hrs even, let alone forget she's there while you - can't believe you do this - play GAMES on a computer?). you are in serious danger of losing her - or maybe you don't care? sounds like yr games are more important to you...

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Wait what?? Shiminimo, you got back together with this girl or is this a different girl?


If this is the same girl, why are you bothering? I remember this girl from old posts so this whole situation is another grain of sand for you.


If this is new gal, well, maybe you might want to cut back a bit and get to know her more and make her feel a bit more secure about your and your relationship. Why in the world do you have to play a game for 6 hours, especially when you have company? Why bother having a young lady in your life if you are not going to pay attention to her on the weekends?

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My boyfriend likes playing games online (and so do I for that matter). I let him get on with it, it's something he likes doing. But he knows when enough is enough and it's time to give me some attention. I think 6 hours is a ridiculously long time! I would never play 6 hours and expect my boyfriend to stick around, it's damn right unfair.


If your not setting time aside for your girlfriend, then yeah, I do think you're wrong and I'd question whether you want a relationship or not.


Ask yourself what's more important to you, your girlfriend or your computer?

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I think whether you're single or in a relationship- 6 hours is way to much time to spend playing computer or video games. It's a waste of brain cells and time. I know it's "fun"- I like my bejewled and tetris too....but anything over an hour is too much.


I can see why she'd be upset. Especially if you happen to spend more time playing computer games then you do with her.




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Rule of thumb: Never be on your computer when your GF is there. You need to schedule your time to be with her otherwise she is going to find a man who will. 15 minutes to check email, yeah, okay. Six HOURS to play a video game? Why is she still with you?


I make it a point to never be on the computer when we are together.

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well yes..6hours is something you do when you 2 arent seeing each other or so,or do what i do i got my self a cute looking geeky girl as a GF who loves computers as i do ^^ and we bouth work out alot so we dont go fat or something soooo i drull while i look XD,and shes mad couse she feels that ur not giving her attention ivenif u spend 2 hours playing and 22 hours with her and she sees u playing shes gonna be sad..is a human thing

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