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Resource on controlling emotion?

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Good question. I'm not aware of any resources like this, but I think it involves a good deal of psychology and being able to separate your emotions from an event. I think controlling your emotions in any given situation depends on your previous life experiences and how they affected you. Human emotions are very complicated. Generally speaking though, I believe that you can train your mind to do almost anything.


As far as making use of ones emotions, I assume you're asking how you can utilize (in a positive way) certain emotions. When I feel frustrated, anxious, or angry I find working out to be a good way to work off those emotions. There are obviously a lot of different emotions people experience. Hopefully I'm on the right track in understanding your question.

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Chai and BellaDonna, thanks very much for your feedback.


Chai, you got my questions right. I'm in the process of training myself into being capable of controlling, and then utilizing my emotions. I guess "not taking things personal" is the first step.


I admire those people who never let their emotions get in the way, and some are even able to convert negative emotions into postive energy that in turn benefits themselves. My goal is to become one of them.

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