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Is she looking for a relationship or mindless fun?

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Hey everyone.


I met a girl at a party a while back, we ended up getting together (by which i mean frenching, nothing more). Anyway, i got her number and msn and we been talking a lot since. Shes been really flirty with me, for example we're going to see a film at the cinema soon, and when i asked what she wanted to watch she said that shes not bothered because she wasnt planning on watching the film


She goes to a different college to me, and i went to her college a couple days ago to see some of my old mates again. While i was there, her friends saw me around and text her sayin i was there, after which she came outside and found me. One of my friends from her college said that hes heard she likes me but then again hes always trying to matchmake so i always take his word with a pinch of salt.


Anyway, i guess what im asking is;

Do you think shes looking for a relationship with me, the reason i ask is because she has been incredibly flirty, which made me think that shes not looking for anything serious.


Anyway, what do you guys think?


Thanks in advance,


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Well i have a great advice, never look at words, always look at the body. If the body is moving towards you its a good sign and if the body is moving away from you its a bad sign , this works much better then listening to what people say because 'would you flirt with someone you despise?' that definitly would be an exeption if it would happen. So you got a green flag on this one. I would pursue it , but not getting any expectations up too high, as a woman can pack her bags and leave anyday. Just enjoy the moment, and cherish the love for now and the future.

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