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end of tether

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I didn't know where else to vent these thoughts. I am absolutlely flabbergasted at how utterly crap life can be. I was in a car pile up and any basic idiot should realise that a person needs rest. I have had to keep working to live and drive in extremely dangerous places amoung the most complete and utter idiots who constantly break road rules and endanger lives. I can't stand driving, I would rather be in a war zone, it would be safer. No one obeys road rules and they endanger lives constantly. What do I do ?

Stay home and starve? I can't afford to see a psychiatrist to get a diagnosis for post traumatic stress disorder and the Insurance company are taking months to give the okay to pay for it. If i drive I have paralysing fear and sometimes scream and cry. The hate I feel for these low life scum on the road is overwhelming. Why can't I just have a rest. If I don't soon I will die.

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My dear MI_Shell


What on earth are you doing against yourself? If i where you i would take a daycare job , and quit the dangerous job you are currently occupying. A person on tv once said, if you goto your job thinking ' i don't feel like going ' then you are doing something wrong in your life. I have that same feeling with you. How about a job change?

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