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NC 20 days and now ?

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Day 20 of no contact, after she told me not call anymore. I received a hang up call at 6.30am, I awoke at 10.30am and called the number back and went to voice mail, the message sounded very similiar to the ex's brother, but a name was not mentioned on the VM so I could not confirm. She shares a place with her brother so I do know his voice.


If I assume that it was her calling, what would be the motivation.

Has anyone here had a similiar experience with an ex or actually been the ex calling and hanging up, what was the motivation and result ?


thanks in advance

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No way - you havent been set back at all - your ex has. I asked my ex recently not to contact me anymore as i just couldnt get over him and it was too soon to be friends - i've so far stuck to that for 2 weeks but on previously ive threatened to never speak to him again - i mean it at the time but then get hysterically upset and call him. Having been in the position of your ex - the one calling - i recommend you ignore it. She will probably feel bad that she broke the NC - or if she really has something to say, she'll ring again! Keep your chin up, youre doing well.

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