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My current take with relationships

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Currently I am in a situation with two different girls. Now both girls actually met one another over the weekend, while I was away on a conference. I am interested in both of them, but girl 'x' told girl 'y' that I was trying to talk to her. Girl 'y' did not say anything to her about me, but the question still came up with i took girl 'y' out to eat yesterday. The thing is I am single and I keep my options open until I officially start a relationship with someone. I told girl 'x' that I was interested in her a long time ago, but she never said anything or kept anything going between us but friendship, so I moved on. Did I make a mistake by doing this or what?

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Well if she didn't indicate that she was interested in you when you told her you were, then you probably didn't do anything wrong by moving on... there is no point waiting for this one person to start liking you. Find someone who does, and though it's good to keep your options open, it's probably not a great thing that both of these girls are aware that you like both of them.. know what I mean?

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