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Advice about divorce pls help

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Hi im a 22yr old male and a very foolish one. I married a girl i thought i loved from abroad after almost a year of talking to her on mirc. We seem to be ok one minute and then fighting the next


We do not live together at the moment due to complications. I would like to know what steps i have to take to get a divorce. I dont want to do this i really dont but i know if i dont do this now it will get much worse.


If anyone could offer me any advice that would be much appreciated. Im in england and shes in jakarta so will that mean i have to fly there as thats where we got married???


Please help as im stuck in a ditch and im not sure where my head is right now


thank you

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Thx for all the advice guys appreciate it. To Dn when i got married i had to first go to the registry office in england to say who i was getting married to etc. They put our marrige certificate on a board for a month to see if anyone didnt want the marrige to take place but all went through ok. I jetted over there not long after and while i was over there we went to what i would describe as a registry office. We had some guy speak to us in indonesian while my wife had to translate what he was saying. Her family was standing around a table at the time and after the guy finished we had to sign these forms basically saying that we are a couple. All through this marrige in jakarta i was there for 2 months and the plan was she would come over here to live or i would go over there. Things went pear shaped and its more of who can hurt who the most and last night she said something that really crushed me. I know njron and kate said to get a lawyer and i think that would be a wise choice but its just making that step and actually doing it. I hope that gives you a little more background on the situation and if theres anything else you need to know just ask.

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