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where do i go from here


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hey there people.im feeling really low at the moment.can you help me out?


ok here is the situation.there is a friend who i met in the first weeks of university and i started liking her.this is significant on two fronts,one im very picky and two i was determined to just have fun and not get tied down by anything.


there were occasions where we kissed and there seemed to be potential.but there always seemed to be a problem.i thought it might have been my approach but i realised it was her.


she just isnt ready for that kind of thing yet or at least what i want.i was being told tht she did like me but getting a straight answer from her was like getting blood from a stone.


anyway i decided she wasnt really worth me fussing over and i think we are better off as friends.its all cool on this front.


my problem is the fact that im very picky and loads of girls just dont do it for me.in fact,since is started uni,this girl has been the one that i would even remotely consider as relationship material as she really wasnt in the end.


sounds silly but im seriously doubting any sort of relationship while im at uni.even if i dont find the girl of my dreams,i want relationships and experience,of which i have had neither so far.


i know tht most people will say just get out there and meet people but things like bars and clubs really dont appeal to me due to the noise factor.i must rather go to quiet locations,maybe a pub etc.


anyway some thoughts would be welcome.

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I am in college as well, and I am also super picky about whom I date (for personal reasons) and I am not a big club/bar person. But I have met a lot of really interesting people by joining clubs at school that interest me. Usually the people there are also a lot more goal-oriented, and that's definitely a plus for me because I am super ambitious. Consider all the different places you can meet people, or hey.. there's nothing wrong with being single, if anything it can give you more time to explore why you are so picky.


Do you think you are too picky?? It sounds like you are concerned by it. It doesn't have to be a bad thing, as long as you are picky about people you KNOW and are giving people you DONT know a chance.


Good luck!

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