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What to do if you see an ex out?

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Last night i saw my ex girlfriend in a nightclub. We haven't spoke for about 3 weeks. We were getting on as friends until then, then suddenly she started ignoring my text mesages etc, for no apparent reason.


So when i saw her last night I didn't go over or say anything. Her sister waved to me though which was nice, so she must have known I was there.


I saw that she was close to another guy, but i tried not to stare and started chatting up a girl standing next to me. We then went for a dance and i gave her my number. She was right behind me, but again I didn't say a word.


Towards the end of the night she walked passed me hand-in-hand with this guy. She looked straight at me, with a very funny look. But again i said nothing and walked on.


I don't know really if I was right in not saying anything. We were trying to be friends up until a few weeks ago, but then she started ignoring me so i felt akward talking to her. I think we both trying to move on, although i think we both still have some feelings, but somehow always end up bumping inot each other cos its a small town.


Do you reckon i did the right thing in ignoring? And should i say anyting now?

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Well if she's ignoring you then I don't see why you have to go out of your way to acknowledge her if you see her. It seems you are no longer trying to be friends so perhaps not talking for awhile is your best bet. Let her come to you if she wants to talk.


It sounds like her sister is still trying to be friendly so hopefully you at least waved back to her.

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