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BJs Painful... :-S


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Basically I and the girl Im with both love doing 3rd base, giving oral sex. She absolutely loves what I do for her, but when it comes to her doing stuff for me... It should be pleasant but Im finding what shes doing painful, well, overly sensitive and not necessarily in a good way... Ive managed to give her quite a few climaxes with what I do, and she really want to 'finish' me in return, but Im just not coming close with whats shes doing...Ive subtley suggested her being more gentle (she is quite...aggresive.. with what she does) ut all that seems to have resulted in is her going slightly slower. The first time she did stuff for me it was great because she was gentler, but we ran out of time... Is there anything anyone can suggested to solve my problem? I dont want to offend her in any way, and I think not 'finishing' after all her efforts is quite offensive.... Thanks in advance.

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Just guide her, say, a little softer/ harder, faster/slower or whatever. Don't tell her she's doing it wrong, just say I love it when you do this....


If your both new to each other, there is definitely no harm in talking and telling each other what you like.



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Maybe she just doesn't know *how* to do it in the first place? Some several years back, someone was telling me how they had received a handjob like twirling around a joystick


Just guide her completely like a game or an interest in the moment, and when she finally gets it, then always mention that is the way you like it.

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Could you describe exactly what she's doing that makes it hurt? Not sheathing her teeth maybe? ouchie guys I'm sorry. To much pressure? to much suction?


By your age bracket, you seem kind of young. And I was quite a bit older before I tried oral. To tell u the truth.. I had NO IDEA what i was doing or how to do it. Most of my education came from reading it in books. Didn't have enot or many GF's I would discuss it with


by Lou Paget


Here's a good book for her to read. I actually got it from my local library.

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Always communicate with each other and help each other out. If she does something you really like, let her know. Give feedback, positive though, and make it a mutual experience. Let her know you like what she is doing, or guide her to doing something else. It will make the experience better for both parties.


Bobo, good that it worked. Have fun. And don't get to wild now, you crazy kids.

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