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You Were Supposed To Be Mine

Ålter Ego

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You were supposed to be mine

We had a life to share

But you chose to love another soul

Now the pain is too much to bear


We were destined for True Love

So how can it be

That I love you like no other

But you love him instead of me


We prayed all night to the Heavens

As you yearned with me

That our souls would be united

For all Eternity


I poured my heart into your soul

You were the ends to all my means

You were my morning, noon and night

And everything in between


I held your trembling hand

I wiped away your tears

It was me who said it would be all right

And that you had nothing to fear


We conquered all that challenged us

Nothing was forsaken

Now I see you in every dream

You're in my mind when I awaken


We stood united side by side

There was no storm we couldn't weather

We had dreams of a family

We were supposed to grow old together


How could you love me and then leave me

With no regret or sorrow

You were my yesterday

But today there's no tomorrow


You were supposed to be mine

Our love was meant to be

But now you have him and he has you

And all I have is me

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Hope you are right volution. When you give your heart to someone, when you plan for eternity, its not something you recover from easily. I ask myself everyday, is it something you recover from at all? Or does the pain last for eternity? Is that the price you pay? For a chance to love for eternity, you risk eternal pain?


Great alter, that was great.

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Very Very nice...


Reading this... all I could think of is that she didn't choose you

because you saw her naked, opened up, ripped apart, weak, needy,

wanting, hurting... you saw her at her worst. And not her strength.


She felt vulnerable to that. Vulnerable to feel so exposed. And chose

him... because he saw only strength.


At least thats the only plausible explanation I can give.


You gave her a gift.... you helped her recover. You gave her

strength. And maybe that is what FATE had in store for you that you

be her strength for that time. Her courage.


many hugs to you. Many bright blessings

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