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My little problem


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Hi,i have a problem i really need help with.I met this girl at college at my first day of college allmost 2 years ago,for me it wa slike love at first sight!!!but back then she had a BF so i had to move on,i never been in a relation or have any type of intimate thing or anything near it.So one day she was sad and i try to cheer her up and i told her that i really liked her and she told me sense she had a BF she couldnt do anything but that i ould be a lie if she wassent intrested on me.Some days later i know she left her BF so i took my chanse.Now we are going out dating,we gone out around 4 to 5 times and we been to the beach and movies and stuff,i Like her alot and to me she makes me so happy just by looking at her,and i used to be so sad and when ever im around her i cant be sad..its impossible for me to be sad at all.I know she is intrested in me allso couse she has a cute way of showing it.But my problme is that we have been going out on dates but we were god friends before that but somehow i cant seem to do a simple task as to grab her had to show how much i love her company and that i care for her alot iven if we not BF and GF yet.I have tryd to many times to do that simple thing but something in my head blocks me and dossent let me.I am shy in a way but i talk to girls i hang out and stuff i iven sleep with them on ocations(just sleep nothing big...)I have no problem what so ever with that i iven cudle with her and play with her hair and massage her and so on and she does the same sometimes really cute ><.anyways..i need help i dont know what happeneds to me that cant do simple things and im afraid she might end up thinking only whant be friends try my best not let her think so make special give like flowers of favorit colors paint the house stuff parents love wish is a good start.but show how really feel seems had some bad experience with last bf whont tell but dotn care couse dossent drag ex flag around.we get allong ours say weird we arent couple.>


So plzz someone tell me whats happening to me...is not that i have no idea what to do couse i know how to make a girl happy im good at that but i cant show my intimate side for some reason...im afraid of something and yet i ask my self what...and i cant iven answer myself.I just want to give her my love and yet i cant seem to...plz help..what should i do

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