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Guys please answer: What would your reaction be if...


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Guys, say you had a crush on a girl for a while but were too shy to do anything about it and than started dating someone else. All of a sudden, here you are you have a girlfriend and the girl you had a crush on finally comes over to you admits she likes you too. What would your reaction be? Keep in mind you are now dating someone else. Would you freak out? How would u behave?

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I would say it depends on my feelings for the girl I am currently dating compared to the 'crush' feelings I had or may still have for the other girl...


There are so many different circumstances, and the weight of my feelings for either of the girls would play a big part.


Its a tough question being that its rather vague...

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Noone is stating da obvious.Say he doesnt break up wid his girlfriend.But deep inside he really wants to be wid da girl he had a crush on.N say he cant stop thinking about her.N say in da future it creates problems..Wat do u suggest he should be doing?


In simple words..Better do it now dan regret it later.U said dat u just started dating ur gf..So ur just in da beginning stage where ur still not in love wid her.Wat if later she starts fallin in love wid u.U dunt wanna break her heart.But remember this is only a suggestion..U have to ask ur self wat u want.. my post if u have to

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