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The Landmark Forum?????

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Has anyone heard of or participated in the Landmark Forum? If you have, please advise me on why my GF broke up with me because I would not experience this with her. In her words, "The next person I date I want to experience the forum together." I've done several searches of this forum and it appears to be something other than noble, but I am trying to find some practical life changing experiences from people to understand what this forum is all about.

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That's the latest incarnation or former car salesman Werner Erhard's est cult. Erhard was a real character back in the 70s who made money from the gullible, or he was a wonderful genius, depending on your viewpoint.





Do a search on Werner Erhard and read about his tax scams, treatment of employees and children. Very interesting.



I'd be wary of this stuff, or anyone connected with it.

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Yes infact, one of my closests friends husbands got caught up in this landmark forum and he too was disgusted that she would not go back after one forum, hence she left him and now he is more psycho than ever before the separation as he is using this group as his support network. She went to one session and that was enough for her to realise it wasn't for her.


She has told me what goes on in these forums and I would advise any sane person to steer clear of this cult.

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I was with someone who tried to get me into this, I called the "Cult Hotline" and indeed they considered it a CULT. (The forum gets rich on people like us)

I was told that basically I was a loser, andt that I would stay that way unless I went through this FORUM thing, that I would make lots of money and have success SUCCESS SUCCESS.

Well, years later, the one who did it is not so successful, and I'm fine.

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