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No Contact Questions

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I have a couple questions on No Contact .

1) What's a good time frame to expect results on doing NC? Like when does the other person start getting curious about you?

2) How should I react if and when this happens?

3) Should I even bother telling him my plan? Last we spoke things did not end very well.

My intention is to get back with this person at some point in time, after I have dealt with my own issues.

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If you want to reconcile with him, why not tell him?

Some folks think NC is a way to coax someone back but from what I read here, it's unlikely to work as well as honesty.


The best reason for it is for you to heal after a breakup so you can move on.

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No Contact is for those that want to move on and stop being their exes doormat. If you want to get back with this person I would suggest you don't initiate contact and wait for them to contact you, when they do contact you, you must act cool, calm and collected.


I would suggest you read Majors post on the perfect plan. As he has some really good ideas about this topic.

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Although I partly believe and hope that NC may help a couple reconcile, the main purpose of it is for the dumpee to heal, move on, and gain confidence again. I am only two weeks into NC, and I already feel a lot better...before I initiated NC, I used to breakdown all the time, and was a complete wreck. NC will also allow the dumper to experience life without you - if you don't break contact, then the dumper doesn't really lose anything.


NC doesn't necessarily mean you'll forget about the other person. I miss my other half very much indeed, and no matter what happens, there will always be a part of my heart that cares for her - I will never forget her. Maybe once I've healed, gained my confidence again, and moved on, I can meet up with her as a friend, as 6 years of friendship is hard to throw away......Who knows, maybe we could try again in the future, as I would be like the guy I was when we first met, and not this needy, upset wreck that I've been over the past few months.....maybe she'll realise of her loss....


The main point is NC is to heal, not to reconcile.

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You can't control your ex coming back to you. You can only control the decision to take them back if, and when, they come back. But to be honest, IF they come back chances are you will have lost any feelings for them. The best move you can possibly make for yourself is to rid these feelings you hold for your ex (after all, our ex's did the same for us). The only way you will get rid of these feelings is by maintaining NC. Best of luck.

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