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I have a few ex-girlfriends that I am friendly with. We will go out with friends once in a while, and have fun, nothing else. Sometimes we do flirt quite a bit when drunk though.


Anyway, everytime I am not sitting next to an ex and go wandering off, and she sees me talking with another girl, she is clearly upset. One example happened last night, when a guy I don't even know came up to me and asked me "Hey. Is that your girlfriend (referring to an ex)?" I told him no, we dated for a few months YEARS ago, go up and talk with her if you want to. But he says: she looks pretty upset and keeps looking over here at you with this other girl all interested in you.


I ignored it since this one particular ex of mine is a friend. We dated over a few years ago, and really, we dated for a few months only, and that was it. Nothing serious came of us - it never escalated to that point. There was no break-up talk, we both just stopped calling each other because we both knew something was up.


Anyway, when I finish speaking with this girl I met, I joined the rest of the party I was with, and my ex pulls me aside and starts telling me how that girl I was talking to is all this and that, and she is just looking out for me, etc. Bottom line, she is getting all serious about this when all we did was TALK!


20 minutes later my ex is hanging on some guy. Argh. Annoying.


The point of all this is: Why is it, regardless of the break-up circumstances or who broke up with who, I can never talk to a new girl I meet when out with a girl I previously dated. But, she (an ex) can talk to a new guy and there is no problem with that. Heck, if I got upset she would think I am being creepy probably.


I didn't get jealous of her, I though who really cares who I talk with or whatever. This is the case with a couple of ex's I am still friends/ly with.


Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Lol. Stop hanging out with your exes! Well...at least when you're trying to pick up women. Jealousy doesn't get switched off because you stop dating someone. It's an emotion so it's not rational. That your exes sometimes feel jealous when they see you chatting up other girls is not really that surprising. The only thing you can do is not go out with them on evenings when you think you may be meeting women. OR, if these exes are truly your friends, sit them down and tell them their behavior bugs you. If they respect you and are not still hooked on you, they'll quit it.

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It is just annoying. I understand that they get jealous, and I do not make them want to be jealous. We are broken up - I appreciate advice when I ask for it, but I do not expect or like it when they just tell me things out of jealousy.


No ex is a true friend in my life. Not that I don't trust them or anything like that, it's just that we dated before and we are casual friends/friendly with each other. It's not like we call each other up on a regular basis, or are always together out, or what have you. Just light fun when we go out, and we never go out as a couple - always in a group.


Girl's drive me nuts. If I talk to a girl, I am in trouble. If she talks with a guy and I say something about it, then I am a controlling creep. Arg! I am not mad, just really annoyed by it all.

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i think that she still has feelings for you. i have feelings for one of my ex's but as far as the rest of my ex's is concerned i would actually enjoy setting them up with other girls and be able to socialize with them and their new girlfriends without getting jealous. this includes the father of my child!! i was with him for 2 years and we had a child together, yet i do not feel anything when he dates other girls!! i really do think that she does have feelings for you!

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