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ok so yesterday

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my friend and i asked these 2 girls to chill with us,

but the catch is, my friend and i both like one of the girls, but i invited the other girl so the girl we like, wouldnt get uncomftable. well the thing is, the girl we both like, flirted with us alot. like she would hit my friend and giggle, and she would touch me and giggle, and stuff.

but when they had to go, my friend and i walked them both to their house, but the girl we liked didnt even give us hugs or a kiss.

whats up with that?

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She doesn't want to make either of you feel uncomfortable infront of the other if she likes one of you more. But if she was acting the same around the both of you then she could just be a big flirt (i'm not calling her a * * * * though). Make sure you don't lead the other friend on by naking her think one of you likes her because she could get hurt that way. Alos, don't lket a girl come between the two fo you, because that's the most stupid way to end a friendship (believe me, but replace guy with girl)

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