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Anal Sex Question...

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My boyfriend and I don't have the most wonderful sex life ever, but it's alright and we still like to try new things to spice it up some. We've been together 3 years and already have a son(for those who don't know). So a couple months ago, he wanted to try the anal thing. Mainly I think because theres alot of porn being made that way.(Which is fine, I'm all for him watching it as long as i'm there with him).


Anyway, so we tried it and it seemed to go ok. Easy and slow the first time of course. Different, but ok. I can't say I was against it because i'm all for trying new things too. But then today he wanted to try again. Everything again went fine, or at least I thought. I went to the bathroom a couple hours later and saw that I was bleeding from there, and it was bright red. Not alot but enough to alarm me, and enough to make him get upset thinking he caused it, but I assured him it was fine not to worry. So my question is, is this normal or should I be concerned? I'm guessing things just got tore/stretched a little more than normal and it'll be fine but figured I should ask to get others opinions.

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