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Would u people call it honesty this time or not??

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To start off, my older cuz got cheated twice by her b/f, we are 6 yrs in the relationship now. I dunno, I just to think that the ones who get caught and then apologize over it or only sorry cuz of that, nothing else. My cuz say the first time it was the girl who call her and told her about the kiss and making out session, when she asked b/f, he first denies it then it was not until she looks on the cell phone that he admits it, apologizes like crazy and she takes him back. It was say he was sorry about it, that was 5 yrs ago though. Then the second time is him with a friend to a party and he gets so drunk he has a long kiss with another girl. But thing that got me surprise is this time he told her right away about it. This just happened 2 months ago and we're still together and she says she's gonna work it out once again.

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I don't know, trust is such an important in a relationship, that once it's gone it's very hard to earn back. I think that once a cheater, always a cheater, but that's just me. I don't care if you're drunk or not. The person who says that they were "drunk" had the choice of drinking or not, no one else told them to drink, but even if someone told them to drink, they do have the right to say no. Anyway, sorry usually can't mend a hurt heart, but if she wants to try to work things out with him, then that's her choice, but I'd be really cautious because she's been cheated on before by him

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Yup, that's just wut I was thinking. Though, she told me the reasons why she's deciding to work it out is cuz, it was a kiss, he told her, and cuz he was drunk, but just cuz he was drunk and it didn't went further. I think she should have let him go already, imagine all the rebuilding yet AGAIN. Now, I have my fiance and to me, it's one strike and ur out, no couseling no nothing. I told him that if he starts thinking about another girl, to tell me right away. I can deal with anything BUT CHEATING. That's one definite way to lose me, if he ain't gonna respect me and commit, then why should I be wasting my time commiting to him. I dunno, that's just me.

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LOL, once a cheater always a cheater. Very few ones regret it. I can't believe there are actaully people who forgive something serious and horrible act like this. I'm with you on this one jeeperscreeper. I broke up with an ex cuz of it, hells nope, I ain't gonna put up with no * * * * * like that. I say the same to u girls, don't put up with a * * * *.

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Then funny part, lol, she try that stupid trick of crying her way out saying I was the only one, well I gonna admit I almost fell for it, I was almost on my way of taking her back, when suddenly I say "Wait a minute, if u say I'm the only one and that you love, then why was there another guy, why did u replace me?" People, never ever fall for cheaters' tears, if you do, then that's a way of saying "Ok u know wut, I'll take u back no matter wut, bull * * * *"

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