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To date or not to date


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I have a friend, someone I met who really peaks my interest. She has a lot of the same ideals as I have and I believe we have much in common. Just recently she came out and told me she'd been in a hurtful relationship and shes really enjoying being alone. I don't mind this either as I haven't known her for a long period of time and I feel like I could benefit from a friendship with her. Have you ever had a friend who has turned into a lover or relationship?

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I do think it's possible. There's obviously got to be a 'spark' present on both sides, even during the friendship. Sometimes people just like to take things at a slower pace...those are the ones that usually turn out the most successful and enduring type of relationships (in my opinion, anyway).



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I agree that it's very possible, but beware of accidentally getting stuck in the Friend Zone by being her shoulder to cry on!!!


but yes I think there is a definite possibility of that. And I personally see it as a good sign that she enjoys being alone, because it shows that she's not trying to bounce right into another bad relationship. She sounds like she knows what she wants. That's a definite plus for any potential relationship you may have.


Good luck!

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