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The stupid wise man.....


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My Poem "The Stupid Wise Man"


The young man was wise beyond his years

But he kept all his ideas to himself

His wisdom could have changed the world

But he used it only to boost his own ego and self pleasure

He lived in the world of his mind, and not the real world

Nothing in his world actually happened

It died having lived a meaningless life

A selfish, meaningless life I must add

His ideas returned to dust.....

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ROFLMAO... ohh Caldus... I just had to read this one when I saw the

title.. "A stupid wise man" and your avatar responding.. I thought

Ohhhh this will ellicit a chuckle.. .


AYE.. and it did. The poem.. and your response.


I've been feeling the same way lately.. I get on these jag's where I

just sprinkle my pithy fairy dust and let it land where it sticks. LOL.


Its kind of like gas... there's are just times that its just no good to keep it bottled up inside. You gotta let er rip.


Whhhoops.. did I just say that?



I did like the poem BTW.. very poignant.

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The reason that change is so slow to occur is because people have convinced themselves its not worth trying for. We have great ideas, see ways to improve things, but remain silent. If we do that, then nothing will ever change and if anything things will get worse. But if we stand up for what we believe in and speak our minds, then things can happen. It may not be immediate. It may be an uphill struggle. But at least we will have tried. And trying is what matters most.


Nice serve the people. I liked it.

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I beg your pardon and I didn't mean any disrepect.

Your poem "was" thoughtful.


I was responding to Caldus thoughts on speaking your mind. And how sometimes.. you should just "LET IT OUT" and speak your mind.


I'm sorry if my analogy offended you.


Forgive me for... thinking. Or for not thinking in the prescribed way.


It was a good poem.

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