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Does this make me a horrible person?!

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Hi everyone! I want to thank EVERYONE who replied to my first post! It was a warm welcome to the website, so thank you for the great advice. So here I am again posting again. So its been almost a week since that happened (if you read the last post) and I am over it. I had been talking to a guy now who has been my friend almost two years now. He doesn't live here, but he did live here and thats how I met him. Well I tell this guy everything and he has always hinted that he likes me and such. So after I told him about the guy drama he asked me out and asked and told me he would treat me right. So I am going to give him a try and take it really slow. Well he is about to fly here and come see me in about a week. Im totally physced, except for one thing!!!! I told him that my mom is a huge success, and how she owns her own business and yada yada. Stupid lie YES I KNOW! But at the time I just wasn't thinking we could or would ever be anything So now he talks about her all the time and Im thinking in my head, well my mom isnt a loser but she isnt some huge business woman. My mom is a vet tech. He wants to meet my mom and I am freaking out!!! Should I tell him? Why I said this, well I thought he would like me better if my background was "MORE" then what it is. His dad is a freaking COLONEL in the Army and his mom is a manager at Banana Republic. Soooooooooooooo please don't write me and say im a freaking loser. My perspective is on like the movie Meet the Fockers........if yall have seen it. Please give me some advice!! Thanks guys, ya'll are awesome!!

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