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Need help satisfying my girlfriend...

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Im 18, she is 16. The sex is OK, but im the only one ever cuming. She likes sex but isnt that bothered about cumming. I think its because its much harder to make a girl cum than it is to make a male. Ad i tink hse just says that because im not giving her enough pleasure. I mean what or how do i know if im close to making her come??? I Need some advice on how to make her cum.



P.S. My * * * * when erect is 6 to 6 an half inches. Is that just too small to make a girl cum???


Thanks for the posts.



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To give a female pleasure has also alot to do with foreplay & exploring her body. Observe how she responds where & how you touch other different body parts. Don't worry too much about making her cum, but getting her reaction of what pleasures her. Just be straightforward in the bedroom with e/o whether it be physical or verbal. You 2 will need to be more detailed w/ 1 another of how to pleasure e/o & openly communicate about it. What works for others may or may not work for her or you.

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Penis size has little to do with making a girl orgasm, and its not true its harder for women to orgasm. Its possible for a woman to orgasm plenty of times during one session of sex. Where as a session of sex is usually defined from the beggining until the man climaxes


There are several factors at play.


First, has your girlfriend ever made herself orgasm? I honestly believe that if a woman has yet to make herself go, it'll be next to impossible for her to go with a partner. If she knows how she likes it, she'll be able to tell you what she likes.


Secondly, orgasms are mostly a mental thing. If your gf isn't comfortable, or is thinking too much about it, its not gonna happen. You both need to relax, and just take things slowly.


Third, many women can't orgasm with intercourse alone. The women I've been with, its mostly stimulation of the clit and the surrounding area that made them climax. Hitting that area during regular intercourse is difficult to do. Using your hand, and your mouth is a much better alternative.


Finally, if she is okay with not orgasming, then leave it at that. Its great that you want your partner to have as much fun as you, but all this pressure to orgasm is just going to make things worse.


Good luck.

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yea thats true. And no she has never made herself orgasm, and i have never made her orgasm. Dont get me wrong i do make her moan, its just that i cant seem to get her to go over the edge, and im doing everything, rubbing her clit, going from slow fuking to really fast, and stil nothing.


I will keep trying but have any of you got any tips on how to make her cum??? She always says she feels like she needs to pee when i start to play with her clit alot, and i have heard thats the first sign that she will cum, but it seems she is scared incase she will pee, because she has never cum before.


Reply please.





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