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pain in testicles

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ok, here's the deal. last sat, my gf was at my house. we did the usual stuff (make out and touch each other during a movie) i think about half way into the 2nd movie, we ate dinner. i noticed that it felt like i had been kicked in the testecles. it hurt any time they moved or shifted position. i didn't mention it to her but we just finished our movie as before.

any ideas on what this pain is from? btw, we haven't had any sex or oral and we're both virgins.


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Yea, like everyone else said...it's called Blueballs. Has to do with the fact that your penis is erect for such a long time with no 'release' and I think there's something else to it...I just can't think of what it is at the time to exactly explain why it happens. Trust me...it hurts tho, it's normal, try having it for like 4 hours...ugh...

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Probably blue balls as mentioned above BUT...


If the pain continues until the next day (or even 2 or 3 days) then it's likely more serious.


One of the most common causes for testicular pain is whats commonly known as a "Twisted testicle". I should know; I had it when I was 11 and it hurt like hell. Much worse than a bad tooth ache, it was unbearable.


The only way a TT can be sorted is for it to be operated on as an emergency. Generally they rush you into the hospital and they operate on it the same day once they've established your last eating time.


A TT is where the blood vescles that supply blood to the testicle becomes twisted (IE the Testicle manages to twist itself around on it's axis). Unfortunately few people manage to avoid surgery though some can bear the pain and have it rectified without surgery (This is rare though as it usually hurts too much).


Hope your ok now..



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