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Whudduya think happened???

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Hey to all, I'll try and keep this as short and direct as possible. Me and Girl L have gone out twice, we chat on the phone for lengthy periods, she has introduced me to some members of her family, mentions me in her blog, her body language was positive, and basically everything was fine and dandy. Then over the Christmas break, she tells me she's goin on a vacation to San Francisco for 2 1/2 weeks with her family to visit her sister. I didn't think too much of it cos hey everybody goes on vacations. Anyways, she gets back from the place and doesn't reply to my short email to her, an SMS I sent to her phone, or even pick up my phone call with this all happening over a 10-day period. BUT, a couple of days ago I see her at College, I pass her in the Coll halls and she makes the first move to smile and say "Hey" to me (Is she giving me false hope by doing this?). I was already planning on ignoring her because I just found her exceptionally cold, mean, and immature with her actions since she came back from San Fran. So yeah I'm already confused as hell at this point already cos if she's already ignoring with all other modes of communication, why doesn't she just ignore me also when she "knows" I'm around?. Anyways, my question to all of you is whudduya think happened (sum of my friends think she's got her heart set for SanFran cos she's moving there in August)? And what/how should I deal with this situation? Thanks in advance for the help...

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