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Need gesture interpreted

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There is someone in my class I think I might be interested in...The other day I was talking to him and he tilted his head away from me and started to twirl his hair, which is short.


I know that hair-twirling is a flirting signal for girls...but is it for guys? Do any guys out there twirl their hair when they like someone? I've read that it is also an anxiety thing...so maybe its that?


Look forward to your ideas.

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No, I wasn't twirling my hair. The context was an academic setting, and I was speaking (addressing him) in a group. He is approx. 25. We have known each other since September.


Again, I've seen women twirl their hair as a nervous habit, similar to biting one's nails, but I've never noticed a man doing it.


Also, when I was speaking (again, looking directly) I noticed that he pushed his glasses further up on his face. He didn't take them off, he merely adjusted them.

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my friend's always pushing his glasses up when copying math exercises from me. Means absolutely nothing (I hope!). My Finnish teacher always twirls her hair when she reads my essays - and that doesn't mean she'd even distantly like of what I wrote there (apparently)! They're just habits....... try to find off pattern habits and eye contact. Most importantly, make a move, something where you ask the target your interest out, in words.

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Maybe I should clarify that we were making eye contact when he was doing this.


Perhaps pushing one's glasses up is a gesture that signifies wanting to pay close attention...that would make sense, because if someone is copying something from you, they want to make sure they get it right.


I don't know if these can be dismissed as "just habits," as they weren't occurring regularly or even semi-regularly in conversation with other people, as far as I could tell.


I think hair-twirling is a gesture of anxiety, one that can become a habit. One reason why I don't think its necessarily a habit in this particular case is that I've never seen him (or any man) twirl their hair before.

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listen, nobody knows the situation better than you, so if you're feeling good about this, you should really ask him out. There is no way you can 100% sure tell if he likes you or not by just reading body language, but asking him out gives you the answer straight away. Do you want him so much that you are ready to take the risk and ask him out? I agree by the way, that twirling hair shows anxiety unless it is a habit.

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Cath, don't read too much into these! Just remember to enjoy yourself when going out to him! I can't remember how many enjoyable dates i've lost because I spent too much time and effort analysing my date's body language.

Just enjoy the moment! What is meant to be will come.

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