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i know this prolly won't mean much to you guys cuz i know some of you think i'm too good for myself or i'm still too immature to take care of my self, but before you all judge me i've been without parents for the past 3 years and i take care of my self and if i was still immature and somebody who needs to grow up why would i be on this website!


now to my story


last night my ex and i were talking on msn we talked the night before trying to get things straightened out i told her i know she isn't going to take me back so i'm not going to waste my time (i told her that the truth hurts) she said she still wants me as a friend and i said i don't know if that's going to work because we'll never be back together again n she kept begging and pleading and i just kept typing stuff like that only reworded it, and she comes out and says it's hard for me to be with someone immature and than tries to be different around me and she HATED it, i said well you could have told me to grow up, and she pulls out the classic line well i would have felt bad, and i said so you've been hiding and lying to me all this time and she said that hurts and i said the truth does and i think she got scared/angry/sad but idk,so she left.


This morning i wrote her an email telling her what i really meant to say last night i just couldn't find the courage to tell her this last night (wow what a surprise guess i am immature) it said:




i know the last few days i've been waaaaaaaay to hard on you n i'm going to tell you what i couldn't tell you last night cuz i couldn't find the courage to do it but it'll take some time to patch me up inside but maybe someday we'll be cool again... i just don't know when that day will be, but all i know is when we become friends again you'll start seeing other guys n it'll be hard on me to know that i can never have you again n us being friends is all we will ever be but don't worry about me cuz i know you haven't been n i know that you prolly don't care about me anymore so i think we both just need our time and space (well i know i do) from each other to have time to heal n you prolly don't feel the same way cuz i know you'll never have more than friends feelings for me again cuz i'm just a big screw up in people's lives anyway i really don't care what you think all this but it feels better for me to write it




i know it prolly won't mean much to her but it's how i feel


so how can i tell her in a good way that i need my time n space (i've already said a lot of things to her subtly saying that i don't need her back)

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Well, I think your email was pretty direct. If she doesn't get the point from your words by now, then she is just fooling herself. You have been blunt, which is really good. Especially since many people tend to beat around the bush, instead of just having enough courage to just say what they mean.


Another thing, I think you are too hard on yourself. I don't know your background, but from what you wrote, I think you have enough self worth to stand up for yourself. Many people don't even have the nerve to end a relationship, but you, seem to know what you deserve and are not afraid to express it. That doesn't sound like a "big screw-up" to me.

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