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Hey, How are you all? If you were to ask me the same question I'd say good. But really I'm not ok. My family BARELY talks to me. They just order me around. My classmates...well...they've NEVER really liked me...so I don't fit in there. EXCEPT wiht one of my best friends ****. My bf lives 45 mins awayfrom me, so I don't see ihm too often.My best friend is in anthergrade, and another part of the school. I feel like i'm being used by some of my friends too. I dunno, I just always feel lonely. It's been in the last week or so too. I don't like it at all!

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i must say that we all have our days weeks or months at a time that just plain suck... your 13, really you can relax, im guessing your not in high school yet, and when you are you will find way more people to hang out with and find out who your real friends are. i too have gone through some recent incidents were i dont' really have a close best friend i know its kinda hard but it really is ok, those aquitances and other friends are there for you to make sure to have a good time still and eventually you get to be closer with them all. if you still have problems maybe talk to your b/f a little more, and your best friend and let them know how you feel...maybe you just need a little change in your life and i'm sure they would know just what to do to help out. joining up in some clubs at school or outside of are also somethings i would suggest, taking up new hobbies where you can meet new people.

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Hey! You don't have to feel lonely, I'm here to talk to. I know its not the same as someone there, but if you need to talk I'm willing to listen.


I know how you are feeling. My family has never been much for communicating, often times over the years I've felt like none of them are there for me. It wasn't so much being ordered around as that I was on my own and didn't have anyone to talk to. Though I had my share of being yelled at and told what to do. I've never really had many friends, very few people that were close to me. So I know how empty and lonely it can be.


Things kind of turned around for me when I meet my best friend when I was 15. Completely related to each other and spent all the time together we could. So rely on your friend, realize that she cares about you and that does really like you. That one really special and good relationship can carry you through all kinds of bad times.


Why do you feel your friends are using you? If they are, perhaps make new friends? I know its hard, but if your friends are taking advantage of you, then they aren't real friends. Do they know what they are doing? If its unintentional, then they need to know its hurting you and you guys can talk and work things out. But if its intentional, then how good of friends are they really?

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