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Would You Even Bother?


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I met a guy a few months ago, but the timing was not quite right yet for me to date and there was an age gap (being that I'm 29 and he's 20) so wasn't sure if I should pursue anything.


Fast forward a couple of months later and we get in contact again. We made plans 2 weeks ago, but something came up on his end and he suggested going out for dinner the next day and I should call him. I give him a call the next day, get his voicemail, leave a msg., and haven't heard from him since until today when he called and left a voicemail to see what my plans were this weekend.


My question is should I even bother responding? What would do in this situation?

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Thank you for your responses and support!! I really appreciate it. In the past, I probably would have tolerated it because I didn't know enough about respecting myself and valuing myself and, thereforeeee, would have have been a doormat, which didn't do me any good. Nope, not anymore. He is definitely not getting a response from me and that was my first instinct as well. You snooze, you lose

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