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Yeah, well, despite my change in attitude things haven't changed much really. Ok, well I talk, and feel more outgoing... The thing is that ok in one of my classes there's only like 15 people, and I'm not interested in any of the 3 girls in it (yep there's only like 3 girls in that class). Then another one of my classes, there are a few faces in, but still, same thing... There's this other class that remains exactly the same... It's this class where there's this girl I used to think was interested in me at least a little bit... Last but not least the other second new class I have in which there's a girl I got good vibes from the first day, then today it was quite the opposite. So yeah... I guess I'm not going to prom at all.


So yeah, I've only had a few chances and I blew them already cause back then I had a more negative attitude. Now I'm just trying hard not to go back to that... My best friend, with whom I used to hang out during lunch, is not in my lunch anymore, and I only see her for like 5 minutes. I mean, I had such a great day yesterday, I thought I had finally hit the jackpot and I would have a great rest of my senior year... And I mean, I don't wanna feel negative again, but yeah, I hope it doesn't go bad (or worse). I dunno, I'm terrible at meeting people, usually, but since I had some people I know in some of my classes, I thought it was gonna be all good, but yeah, I already told you how things went above. And well, I'm terrible, no, horrible at trying to meet people outside of class. I won't even dare, because I dunno how to start (yep... even though I've read you should introduce yourself and stuff, I can't bring myself to doing it yet...). Plus people outside of class don't look too approachable to me... The dudes are minding their own business, and the girls I get even worse vibes from (it's something in their facial expressions).


So yeah, this is probably more of a rant than anything else, cause there's not much I can do.

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Well, I used to be like you were, too. And I realized this, and I've said this many times: when I am happy I just attract people. When I'm not, people avoid me like the plague (which was pretty much most the time). I started feeling a lot better when I started concentrating on other things (schoolwork, activities, my job, hobbies) because it gave me less time to think about me and my problems.


Just don't make it your goal to make friends and date girls. Make it your goal to just get to know people better.

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