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I started dating this girl 2 years ago, she broke up with me a few times but kept coming back. Then even as friends she would keep running away, I always let her be. A year ago she told me she did not want to taklk to me anymore because I still liked her.Well after 4 months we started talking again and she told me she was glad the silence was over and it was nice to talk to me. That lasted about a month and again she did tha same thing,said she didnt want to talk to me. I have always treated her as only a friend , never asked her out on dates , but I still do have feelings for her.


Anyway its been 6 mionths of ignoring each other. We see each other once a week at the swimming pool but never talk to one another. This is so stupid, I want to end this and try and be friends. Should I say hi to her in the pool or just keep up with the no contact?


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Perhaps a friendly "hi" would do no harm, but keep it distant and don't go into much detail about what you have been up to, and what you feel for her. Make it obvious that you are just being friendly, and let her decide whether she wants to accept you as a friend. If not, then it's entirely her loss, and it is her who will look the fool.

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