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Life Sucks...

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A friend of my died yesterday. Only found out today. Went to the burrial.

he has on a jumping track...

first time he would try to jump.

He was with some other friends, and one of them, tried to jump a slope. 1st time fell, got up, 2nd and 3rd time where good. he tried, didn't lift the bike, the bike landed with the front wheel, he fell, broke his both wrists(AGAIN) and broke the cervical. Coudn't move or speak. Just tried to say "Broke my wrists again". When he entered the ambulance, he was already dead

WHY DID HE JUMP?](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

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Sorry to hear your friend died but, I don't completely understand how it happened. Not that it would change anything you are going thru right now. I had a friend that was murdered about fourteen years ago and that was a hard death to accept. I know how it feels to have someone you hang with just die on you. It is a terrible thing to have to experience and you should maybe think about going to counseling at school. I find that it always helps when I talk about things that bother me. If you bottle your feelings up inside you will just end up making yourself sick and possibly give yourself a complex.

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I feel for you, I have had friends whom have died, and those closer. It's even harder when it is due to something like this that easily could of been prevented.


I participate in some higher risk things too, and I can also know how it feels to have a passion for something and want to do it.


He jumped because he wanted to jump. There is no other answer for it other then that. It ended badly, but he did it because he wanted to, and there is always risk when doing things like that.


All you can do is let time heal and remember the good times - they eventually replace the pain you have now. Counselling will also be a good idea.


Take care,



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no, actually, it was a BYCICLE...


Hey, well, as a mountain biker myself, and someone whom is friends with many dirtjumpers, downhillers, trials riders and so forth, I can say that it is a passion for someone. No matter the risks, they will do it again and again even after many injuries. I have known people whom broke their tailbones, pelvis's, backs, wrists, legs, ribs, collarbones...and they will be back as soon as they can be. Again, this goes back to the "he jumped as he wanted to". It's a shame, but accidents happen such as this....those this sounds like a "freak" one more then the usual accidents.


It does not make it easier, as he was also so very young, but he was doing something it sounds like he loved.

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