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Should I be concerned??

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Reason I'm asking this is cuz I dunno if this is destined to happened. I'm not much of a believer in faith nor believe in any supertitions, but now I dunno wut to think, and it's kinda concerning me. The reason is cuz almost every time I dream of something either bad or not quite that good, it happens. Like when I dreamed of a friend getting killed, the next week, it happened. My first experinece I was like 8 years old and in my dream I almost drowned and my hair got stuck, in about 3 months later, it happened, I almost drown. Then also about me getting into a fight with a friend, then a week later it happened. Now have a relationship of almost 3 yrs now and it's been about 2 months since I been dreaming of me cheating on my b/f. In my dream, my b/f is devastated and I keep begging him and crying for him to take me back and he doesn't know. Then I wake up, like screaming, only to realize it's just a dream, but I already had that dream 3 times already. I told my b/f about it, he just laught, he say dreams are just dreams, as long as u don't act it out in real life, then nothing wrong with u. About the others dreams that did happened, he just say it was just a concidence. But really will anyone tell me why do I keep dreaming of cheating on my b/f, I'm not that type of person, WHY?

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I constantly have some off the wall dreams, and I've even had a couple that came true. But only YOU can make the decision to cheat on your boyfriend. Not some dream. You have free will, you have the power over your own actions... no one and nothing else does. So if you ever find yourself in that situation, you know you can turn it down and be faithful to the one you love.

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Im always intrigued how people post a first sentence and completely negate what they have said with the following sentences. If you feel that your bf is cheating on you and its just more than a dream then you should be concerned. If you feel that its just a dream then you need to deal with it accordingly. Committing suicide is not the answer to a cheating bf, I hope you werent being serious about that.

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I wouldn't be concerned. The dreams you had come true were things that were out of your control, accidents. The dream of you cheating on your boyfriend is the exact opposite. You don't accidentally cheat on someone, you have to make a conscious choice to do so.


If you choose not to cheat, you won't, if you choose to, you will. It's a simple as that. It's not fated.


In this case I think your dream is just a dream. I wish some of my dreams came true though. I dream I'm Superman a lot. lol


Don't worry, you'll be fine.

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