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Hi there,


I have been seeing my gf for about 5 months now so we are still in the so called "honeymoon phase" and hang out all the time. Things are going really well with the exception of her roommate. She met her in college and they are good friends. However, her roommate does not understand why we hang out all of the time and has taken to saying some off color comments. She has told my gf that she thinks she acts differently now that she is with me and she does not like it. I think she acts the same as she did before we started dating. I knew her for almost a year before we got together. We became good friends which in turn blossomed into a relationship. thereforeeee I feel I know her well enough to believe she acts as she always had which is a really nice, honest, and outgoing person. I really think that her roommate is just jealous. She is always talking about how she cannot get into a relationship and so forth. She has never been in a serious one so I do not think she completely understands how my gf and I feel about each other. I know that this honeymoon phase will slow down soon and I recognize the importance of spending time with your friends when you are in a relationship. It just makes me feel uncomfortable when I am at their apt. because I feel that her roommate resents me. (for taking her friend away I suspect.) I am confident this will blow over but I am just looking for your opinions to see if I am on the right track.



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