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Is it to early to move on?

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Hey, my ex and I were going out for 7 months until i got a lil upset at how her mom wasnt letting her go out as much and she wasnt so excited about trying to go out nemore so i basicaly ended the relationship knwoing i would want to get back i just needed my space.. well the next 3 days was friday and her mom called me asking me why i was in her daughters room the other week (i got caught by my step dad and her mom eventualy found out) now her mom wont let her talk to me, or see me.. or anything..


I know i broke up with her 2 days prior but i just wanted a break and i said sorry for giving up when times got bad.. now things have turned out as me not seeing her for over a week now.. and last i saw her i got my stuff back and she said she wasnt able to see me anymore because of her mom and we said we love each other and we kissed.. last i talked to her on the phone was monday and she said she was giving up on our relationship saying its impossible to see each other and that she just wants it to be over because its to much to deal with and theres no chance in seeing each other again.. well basicaly ive been texting her a few days after that saying i love her, and need her, and im wondering why she is ignoring me. and she hasnt texted me back or called me or even talk to me online... its like shes forcing it to be over.. i know she loves me, and i love her very much.. but why is she giving up?? my old friend goes to her school and said he was talking with her and her friend and her friend was saying I (myself) dont understand that she doesnt want to go out with anyone right now. and my ex was agreeing with her as if she is right..


Why did my ex lie to me about it.. i know her mom isnt letting her see me or talk to me.. but why is she saying sumthing completely differnt to her friends and not talking to me under no terms at all just plain out ignorinig me..


IM SO SO SO Sick of it all, ive given up as well, because im not going to just want to stay with her when all she does is ignore me. im wanting to move on and forget her... i said i would never move on but shes sure as hell doing that.. ignoring me is enuf.. i wont take nemore of this and im seriously wanting to force my self to date someone.. am i wrong? should i not do that?

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Hi powerful,


I think your did you best.. She is ignoring you, not calling and doesnt care about you could be something out of her hands.. But either ways, you need to move on.. If God wants you to be together, dont worry things will be fine.. If not, no matter how much you try, things will not get better.


Since you did your best, stop worrying about it and go on with your life..

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