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How to tell???

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Look at her body language. There are a series of signs that people give away to show they're attracted to someone else. Strong eye contact accompanied by a tilted head, preening, "accidental" touching, etc. There are books on this stuff - grab one, read it, then go out and observe. You'll learn lots and will never have to guess again as to whether a woman is attracted to you or not.

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Some signs are quite obvious others aren't when it comes too girls but they can say the same about us lol. If you like this girl why not try striking a conversation up about something you know you have an interst in music, hobbies etc.


Im givining out the information and im rubbish when it comes to asking girls out but as i have been told and i know that if you don't initate anything then nothings going to happen.


Has she given you any signs that YOU think that she might have some interest in you at all?

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Ok well if you talk daily then you've got a good line of communication going and a good way to finding more about her.


Im kinda confused by you saying that " I catch her looking in a "scary way" at me" how does she look scary, a possible example would help. I know alot of girls that pull funny faces and it's all in good fun.


What sort of personality does this girl have?

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Well when we r sitting in a group of people, talking with each other I see that sometimes she looks At me In a different way, for me it's not normal it's like she wants something from me or I Maybe wrong but… it's the 1 time that girl looks at me like this so I don't know

Well the personality she is a girl witch I like, she's a bit older (2y) but it doesn't matter for me, she is modest, come patient, funny knows what she wants looks nice have her own interests (photography) likes things that I also like.

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Have you ever asked her out, not nessaceraly on a date just as friends prehaps get to know her maybe this is what she wants but isn't comfortable in asking and with you feeling simlar nothing really isn't going too happen.


Like i said that i know alot of girls that pull funny faces and it's all in good fun maybe she's trying to lighten the mood between you and herself or the group prehaps, is she like that with the other members of the group? have any of the others noticed it that you could possibly talk about it and get perspective from someone who knows you both might help?

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ok you can learn to read the signs for sure. Problem is, you can't very well use that skill to a person you're attracted to, because you want to believe she's into you and it skews your judgement.


In that case, see if there's any signs and ask the person out. Then you won't have to guess.

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I'm working with this girl and I don't really know what should I think about her behave, I think I like her more but is she too?

I wouldn't ask her out if I were you, being that you have to "work" with her. It's usually not a good idea to get involved with people you have to work with. Things might not work out or she might feel awkward after you express a romantic interest in her, which can lead to conflicts in the work place. How long are you going to be working with her?

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Depends on where you work -- if it's retail, for example, I doubt bosses will care. If it's in an office environment, it might be different. If your work is more informal, it likely won't matter. Sort of guage yourself... at my summer job it was like a family business, and the boss and her ex-husband (weird I know) managed it. They were still friends so it worked out alright, but my supervisor and her fiance also worked together there... some workplaces have a very lax attitude about it. Then again, 90% of the people there only got the job because they were related in some way to the boss so it's almost like you had to be married into the family to work there (I got the job because my mom worked there, and she wasn't related to them at all, but she was one of the few exceptions.)

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Chemist, perhaps you should continue flirting with her then!


Look around this forum, there are lots of threads asking for advice on how to flirt. The basics include lots eye contact, smiling, touching, and body language. From non-verbal flirting, move on to verbal communication, and eventually you'll be sure enough to make a decision on whether you should ask her out.


Good luck!

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I agree with the poster above. Try flirting with her a bit, striking up some conversations and soon enough you can tell whether you should ask her out or whether you just want to be friends (i.e. if she would rather just be friends.) There's a few guys who flirt with me, for ex., but I don't really like them in that way so I won't flirt back... but I will still be friendly and carry on the conversation and call them sometimes, etc. At first I think they thought I might have liked them more but in general, I'm just friendly to everyone so you should notice how she acts around others as well. Don't think that just because she's talking with you, she must like you, but try looking for other things and just "sense" how things are... often there's just a feeling I get when I know someone is interested (probably from flirting signs but it's sorta subconscious for me) so you can do that as well...HTH,



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