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dealing with a touchy co-worker

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I will be going out to dinner next week with a girl who loves to touch me subtlely, and its NOT to get my attention about something!

Usually it's when I do something great while I'm working with her. I'm a part-time volunteer at her organization and I'm helping out with the flyers, brochure design, basically stuff that none of the staff can work on because they have so many other things to do. I work with her alot, and she's friendly, loves to speak her mind about things, and feels comfortable around me. In fact, I was surprised when she said "I'll walk you out" after our first meeting, and even more surprised when she wanted to walk with me to the busstop.


And when I mean by touching, she doesn't put her hands all on me, but lightly taps me with her fingers. Anyways I do like it, but I don't reciprocate and I stay as professional as possible while showing my positive/almost funny side. Now she told me that we could celebrate (since next week will be my last week) at a Mexican restaurant. She initiated this, and to some guys they might think: "She's really digging me!" While others might think that it's her way of saying thanks. But I believe..that it's a mixture of both.


Every night after our meetings, we're walking together and if we're not talking about the work, we're talking about something else. We do this even before the meetings. As soon as I get there, I'm ready to go, all business..and yet we don't exactly start because we're having a conversation about something fun. As for the dinner, I understand that it will be in a totally relaxed environment away from the job..a chance to really speak our minds, and (if its acceptable which I don't really know if it is) flirt with each other. I'll even wear my contacts on that day. Since I cannot touch her, I'll wait to see what develops. But as most people say, "the men have to do the work", so I was wondering how I could flirt with her in a way that doesn't turn her off. Thanks

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