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loosing V and not having fireworks!(not even a spark)

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hey recently lost my virginity. well at least thats what i think!i'll explain


i have tried a lot to have sex, but it always hurt so i would just tell them to stop, dont know though how far they got in though!!the point till where it hurt!!


i was starting to think i just couldn't ...and then whenever i got intimate with someone, it was like i closed up and their penis was hitting a brick wall!!! ](*,)


but recently lost it completely and didn't hurt whatsoever. and i didnt bleed whatsoever,although i have bled before from guys fingering me roughly and "trying" to get it in!


but this guy who i properly properly fancy was v.could at fingering and turned me on like crazy before he entered me. i felt fine but to be honest didnt really feel that much. he's quite small to be honest, that sounds horrible of me to say that i know. i was v.wet aswell duno if this stopped me from feeling much. i know he was nervous too as it was my first time. i wasnt nervous at all though, was very relaxed as he is a v.nice guy!


i just really like this guy a lot. he is so careing and has all the qualities i would dream of in a guy. he has the most amazing eyes i cant stop staring into and to boost he is an extremely good looking guy, at first i had to pinch myself to see if this was reality!


so i am really hoping the sex will get better, have only slept with him twice, so hopefully it will. its such a big deal to me though that he turns me on soooo much....and makes me sooo wet! as most guys dont have this affect and if do, i loose it as soon as they want to enter! since ive met him, ive been able to get v.wet and have been sooo horny, although tonight that feeling has gone away. maybe i just go through horny phases and not horny phases!


i so want this to work as he works me up really good so i really want him, but then....it just doesnt do much for me.


anyone any tips?my m8 suggested pelvic floor exercises and sqeezing when he is in me. ive only done missionary or me on top. i havent a clue really how to make it better. is it better when a guy takes it fast or slow??and women what movements do you do??so your not just lying there letting him do the work!!


Ta peeps!




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Everyone always hopes that their first time will be something special. The truth is, the first time is rarely ever wonderful!


Seriously though, it can be painful. Most all girls feel pain the first few times. Those girls aren't going to be having fireworks! Basically the important thing is who you do it with. That's the main thing that makes people regret it later in their life the most.


You are just like a lot other girls out there. It will get better! And right now you are just worried about everything, like what to do with your hands and how guys like it, but the more you get to know this guy, the more you will know the answer to that for yourself. Just take it slow and you will get it.

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Technically it is losing your virginity the first time a penis enters the vagina, at least as far as I know.


But for your real question, maggie is right on. It does hurt at first and can be quite painful. It sounds as if you are sensitive down there and thats preventing you from fully enjoying the experience. Take things slow and try to relax. Things should get better for you.

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