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Some advice 4 what to leave on the desk an what to say?


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OK my gf and i are just about to have are 2 year anniversary. Yayyyyy!! Wee any ways on that day since we have school together i was planning on leaving something on her desk 4 every period. for example a herseys kiss and a hug and stuff like that. Theres six periods and i want to leave something in each class w a liitle note. Any advice on what to leave and what to say on each??????? Please help?](*,)

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Why don't you do a little treasure hunt type of thing? A clue leading to the next clue and so on...


OR each period you leave a riddle, and the answer to each riddle forms a word, from the first letter of the answer and when you spell it out it spells where she can find the final present or something? Be creative

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