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a Joker trying not to be a friend

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Hi, first time poster and i found this forum using a search engine. so it should be obvious that im dying for some help. so here goes.


I went on a ski trip with 10 of my friends and along with them came the cousin of one of them. From the second i walked in i knew i wanted to know her. This girl is amazing, its not just a physical thing, its more of a feeling thing, i know im being vague but all i can say is that when i was with her i felt... good. if that makes any sense


Anyways, we all were in the same chalet and spent all our time together for 3 days, and as the subject suggests, i am a joker, and not the desparate to be funny type, i cant keep people from laughing. unfortunately those of us that are branded as jokers tend to be that way cause we use it as a defence mechanism.

I know for sure that she likes me but I was unable to notice anything that might signify that she likes me in a more than friend way


My problem is that I tend to make friends because of my joker defence, and in all reality i dont know what to say/do to make it clear that i am interested in her as more of a friend, its been 3 days since the trip and i fear that my window is closing, i have her phone number and email, but that was a general give out to everyone, meaning i didnt specifically ask her for it.


I figure i have an excelent opportunity this friday when a movie that she really wants to see comes out.


Do i go right in and call, email first then call, go fishing through her cousin to get an idea?.... my brain hurts



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ask her to dinner and the movie that YOU remember she wanted to see


after saying 'hi, it's supercharger" you'll get a good idea from her tone of voice if she is interested in hanging out with you


if you're not ready to invite her to dinner/movie, you could ask her to join you for coffee or a walk Friday, then if that goes well, ask her to join you for the movie...you could play it more by ear that way


nothing ventured, nothing gained

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