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Sweet Merciful Crap!

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Oh Dear


its the exam period at uni, everyone's frustrated. I left a post before asking for advice about my flatmate and how she may be a narcissist. I'm pretty sure she is now...


things in the flat have recently escalated!! i went crazy on her. i couldnt help it...she just kept complaining about how difficult revising for her oh-so-much-more-difficult-than-anyone-elses exams, while i had cleaned the flat, made dinner and washed the dishes by myself plus hours of revision without complaint.


my bf wrote her a letter on my behalf before hand just in case i couldn't say what she needed to hear. it outlined the facts e.g she doesnt do the dishes, clean the bathroom, kitchen floor, etc...


so my nice flatmate and i have decided she needs to learn to look after herself, i no longer cook her dinner, she's been going to a mates for dinner and takeaways...


im feel a bit guilty letting her struggle like this, especially since its pushing her closer to a vulnerable mate of my bf.


any ideas on how else to handle her? i would like to stay in the flat next yr with my other flatmate, but i dont know if she'll shift.

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