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my co-worker has a boyfriend and she's taking a latin american


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dance class, starting with salsa. For about a few weeks I've been asking her "how's your classes" but now I'm curious as to whether or not she's taking the classes with her boyfriend, or by herself, or with another female friend. My goal is to see if I could become her dance partner, but I know that it might not happen. So, I'd like to learn how to communicate in a way that lets her know that I'm interested in learning the dance without blatantly asking her "can I be your dance partner?"


My friend suggested this because there's a chance that my co-worker could be the initiator. For example, she might say: "Oh, you said you wanted to learn salsa? How about if you join my class? It's only 20 bucks for drop-in."

One thing I learned is that sometimes dance is a certain neutral area for a man and a woman who are already attached to someone else. I remember dancing with girls who were already dating other guys, and when they weren't around (because they had to work or do something else) the girls would call me up to ask if I could dance with them. But that was in highschool.


I think for right now the best thing I could do is mention how much I'd like to learn the dances that she's learning and keep the ball in her court. What inspired me to think about dancing with her is another co-worker from a different job. This guy loves to flirt with ladies and one time he actually had breakfast with a girl who already had a boyfriend and a kid. Back then I was a little shocked, but he didn't go further with her and in fact they still talk to each other constantly.

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So, do you want to hook up with her? Or do you just want to be her dance partner. What are your intentions?


Cuz if you want to hook up with her i would say stay away from that one cuz she already has a boyfriend and that gets messy. But if you wanna just be her dance partner why not ask if you can come along cuz you wanna learn the dances. No harm in asking right, especially if its just as friends.

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